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Roadmaster Gold 10W40

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Product Description
Anglomoil Roadmaster Gold is an API SN, ACEA A3/B3/B4 performance Semi-Synthetic engine oil and is recommended for all modern vehicles requiring that performance level in order to maximise performance and engine life.

Product Features & Benefits
The formulation was developed over million’s of kilometres of road testing around the world in vehicles of American, European and Japanese origin and provides:
 - Formulated to provide reduced friction and superior wear protection for the engine during start-up and all driving conditions.
 - Maintains engine cleanliness which assists the engine to have long life and lower maintenance costs.
 -  Superior control of ring belt and piston deposits to provide maximum power under all driving conditions.
 -  Low oil consumption and excellent oxidative performance due to the synthetic base stock, shear stable formulation and specially selected metallic detergents.
The qualities of Roadmaster Gold make it ideal for use in turbocharged or supercharged engines – petrol and diesel.

Additional Information
Multigrade oils are recommended for mixed service conditions such as stop/start motoring, city driving, summer and winter. They provide easier cold starts, quicker oil circulation and better oil pressure at high temperature.
 - Some of the lesser quality multigrades however are not “shear stable” and quickly lose their multigrade property, or, worse still, lose viscosity at high engine speeds and temperatures.
 - The formulation of Roadmaster Gold includes only materials of the highest quality and meets the shear stability requirements of the CRC L38 and ACEA A3/B3/B4 specifications.
 - The SAE 15W 50 formulation provides the excellent performance for Australia’s climate, i.e., a low temperature viscosity permitting easy starts in winter and a high temperature viscosity providing adequate reserve in the summer heat.
 - Roadmaster Gold is also available as a SAE 10W/30 and 10W/40 to meet more recent requirements for low viscosity oils eg Ford Falcon.
Exhaust Emissions. Petrol engine vehicles sold in Australia since January 1986 use unleaded petrol and are fitted with catalytic converters to reduce exhaust emissions. The catalyst in these units can be poisoned by unsuitable lubricants. The phosphorus content of all Anglomoil engine oils is carefully controlled to avoid this possibility.

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